Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

We are working on highly transparent and proactive IR*1 activities to enhance shareholders' and investors' understanding of Tokyo Seimitsu.

Relationship with stakeholders Theme Opportunities for dialogues Main outcomes of activities
Highly transparent and active IR activities


Fair and appropriate information disclosure

(98th Term) Regular
Shareholders' Meeting
Rate of exercise of voting rights: 85.5%
Handling coverage by
institutional investors/analysts
Number of times: 262 total
Conferences for overseas investors Number of times: 2
Briefings for individual investors Number of times: 1 (online participants: 774)
Business results briefings/press conferences Number of times: 4

*1IR: Investor Relations. This refers to actions by companies to provide shareholders and investors with information (business condition, financial status, business performance, outlook, etc.) necessary for investment decisions.

Policy on Information Disclosure to Shareholders and Investors

By providing information on our business, strengths, strategic shareholder returns, and other matters to shareholders and investors in an accurate, easy-to-understand, timely, and fair manner to deepen understanding of our Company, we strive to enhance our corporate transparency and build long-term relationships of trust. In addition to releasing varied IR information on our website, we actively create opportunities for direct dialogues with shareholders, investors, and analysts through Shareholders' Meetings, business results briefings, and other briefings.

Along with the regular disclosure of timely disclosure, quarterly reports, and other financial information, in response to the global expansion of ESG investment and the revision of Japan's Stewardship Code and Corporate Governance Code, we strive to disclose information on both financial and non-financial aspects through our CSR Report, describing ESG initiatives in our mid-term management targets, and so on.

To communicate our vision for the Company from both financial and non-financial perspectives in the future, we aim to make "reports through integrated thinking."