Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Shareholders' Meeting

Every June, we hold a Regular Shareholders' Meeting in Hachioji City, Tokyo, where our head office is located. We post the convocation notice on our website as early as possible. In recent years, we have set the schedule to avoid days on which shareholders' meetings are concentrated.

The meetings are chaired by the President and CEO in accordance with our Articles of Incorporation.
In addition to business reports prescribed by the Companies Act, the President and CEO reports on market conditions, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group's business strategy, our future business outlook, and other matters. By providing an opportunity to receive valuable opinions and questions from shareholders, we make the meeting a venue where shareholders and management can engage in direct communication, to deepen understanding of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group.

We held our fiscal year 2021 Regular Shareholders' Meeting on June 21, under measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection.

Shareholder Bulletin

We deliver our "Shareholder Bulletin" to shareholders twice a year. Most recently, we reported on fiscal year 2020 consolidated business results, the acquisition of treasury stock during the fiscal year, the MI building that began operation at the Tsuchiura Plant in May 2020, and the Taiwan Application Center and Metrology Center that began operation in May 2021.

Business Results Briefings and Handling of Coverage

In line with the release of second quarter and full-year financial results, we conduct business results briefings for institutional investors and security analysts, provide overviews of our consolidated business results, future outlook, and the Tokyo Seimitsu Group's business strategy by Representative Director, and field questions from attendees. The questions and answers can be viewed on our IR website. In response to requests, we
also participate in about 200 individual interviews and meetings for domestic and foreign investors.

Briefings for Individual Investors

We conduct briefings for individual investors. In fiscal year 2020, we held a web-based briefing session in March 2021. The President and CEO provided a briefing centered on the outline of the Group, our history and business, strengths of the Company, mid-term targets, our CSR policy, shareholder returns, and other topics, and responded to the many questions from individual investors in attendance.

Information Disclosure

Our Company is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and discloses the following information in accordance with laws, regulations, and the rules of the stock exchange via TDnet (Japan Exchange Group Timely Disclosure network), EDINET (Electronic Disclosure for Investor's NETwork based on Financial Instruments and Exchange Act), and our IR website (The mark "★" indicates disclosure of English versions).

  • Consolidated financial results information(financial results summary, summary presentation, briefing Q&A session, etc.)★
  • Securities report★, quarterly report, extraordinary report, confirmation report
  • Notice of convocation for Shareholders' Meeting★, Internet Disclosure Information for Notice of Convocation, resolution notice★
  • Corporate governance report
  • Internal control report
  • Notice of independent officers
  • Electronic public notice
  • Articles of incorporation★
  • Other information on the business, operation, or business performance of the Company that has significant influence on investment decisions★

IR Site for Investors

Image of IRSite

On our website, we have established an IR section to support the provision of information to shareholders and investors.
In addition to using the automatic linkage function of timely disclosure information to enhance the immediacy of information, the section offers batch download of the latest IR materials, business performance highlights, smartphone compatible layout, and other features to support the provision of information to shareholders and investors.