Message from the President

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group is always comimitted to building a

Corporate Philosophy:

We create the world's No.1 products and grow together to higher level by
integrating excellent technology, wisdom, and information available in the world.


Corporate Brand:

The words "Accrete" and "Technology" are combined to coin this term, meaning to "Grow Together."

I would like to take this opportunity to express my utmost gratitude to many business partners for the support they have given us to date since the establishment of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group. I would like to express my sincere gratitude once again.
In recent years, initiatives to achieve a sustainable society have been implemented on a global basis. As a member of society, the Company joins these initiatives and will drive proactive CSR activities to achieve a sustainable society.
In 2015, we established the organization and structure for driving CSR activities and started the activities based on the RBA Code of Conduct (formerly known as EICC) and ISO26000 (CSR guidelines).
In order to gain an understanding from the stakeholders for our corporate philosophy and values as well as our social responsibilities and roles, we have been issuing CSR report since 2016.
We are determined to strengthen win-win relationships with many stakeholders and continue our activities, aiming to improve the corporate value and make contributions to society.

Through partnerships with enterprises and individuals with whom we share the goal of "creating the world's No.1 products," we develop innovative new products based on nanotechnology. We are a technology-oriented company committed to nurturing a global and hybrid corporate cultural environment of Tokyo Seimitsu (ACCRETECH) encompassing different cultures and to building a development system for the world's No.1 products, under the motto of "WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS CREATE THE WORLD'S NO.1 PRODUCTS," for the purpose of making this collaboration a success.

The corporate brand, "ACCRETECH," introduced in 2001, is a term coined by combining the word "Accrete,"meaning "to grow together," and the word "Technology." It represents our corporate philosophy to "create the world's No.1 products and grow significantly with our partners and customers by integrating the excellent technology, wisdom, and information available in the world."

Based on this philosophy, we have provided manufacturers around the world with measuring instruments utilizing the state-of-the-art precision measuring technology as well as semiconductor manufacturing equipment that takes advantage of precision positioning technology. Staying true to the concept of "What cannot be measured cannot be produced" as the basic principle of manufacturing, we will continue our sincere effort to offer valuable technologies and services that are friendly to the global society and environment.

Our Policy for ESG Initiatives

With respect to the company's initiatives for E (Environment), S (Society) and G (Governance), we explain priority activities, in particular, in the financial results briefing and on other occasions. To ensure the awareness and proactive engagement of all employees, such activities are incorporated into the company goals and progress is reported in the CSR report. In fiscal 2018, we revised the business continuity plan (BCP), renewing our awareness of the matters necessary to continue the business by reflecting on major disasters caused by past earthquakes. Also, based on the revised BCP, BCP of each plant was developed to improve the disaster readiness. As an effort for workstyle reform, we
promoted diversity, particularly focusing on the promotion of women's advancement. In this fiscal year, we would to like to advance the initiatives of health and productivity management, enhancing the health of employees, creating healthy work environment and achieving productivity improvement at the same time.

With enterprises around the world exploring new ways of manufacturing to meet the needs of the international community for healthy, safe, and comfortable livelihood with low environmental impact, we consider it Tokyo Seimitsu group's social role to fulfill those needs by providing a means of production that makes the impossible possible.

Tokyo Seimitsu group is a group of engineers devoted to working in unity with customers and suppliers to overcome the hurdles in the creation of new value and will continue to take part in the effort to create "a future full of dreams" as member of "manufacturing communities" across the globe. We also continue to provide our shareholders and investors with accurate information on our business performance, financial situation, and business strategy in a timely manner to improve transparency of our activities and governance. By increasing our corporate value and realizing "a future full of dreams," we are going to build long-term relationships with our shareholders and investors so that all of them can achieve gains in asset value safely.

Our Policy in Addressing ESG Issues