Aiming at the earth-friendly efforts in harmony with the environment!

Our approaches for this aim are shown below.

ACCRETECH has been establishing a strong presence in the business domain of both semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision measuring instruments through ceaseless products with unrivaled technologies. We will certainly be achieving high-growth and highly-profitable business foundation with the steady world's best products rollout into big market having high technological barrier, on the concept of unique products.

Under fast-moving business environment in the globalized world economy, we recognize the importance of exercising social responsibility of environmental protection and corporate ethics in addition to essential enterprise activity of offering safe products and services, for long-range growth.

In 1997, ACCRETECH established the basic philosophy for environmental protection activities of "Take the proactive environmental protection conscious actions in any business activities based on recognition that the global environmental protection is major issue for everyone around the world". In accordance with the basic philosophy, every employee undertakes possible reduction of the effects on the environment with thinking constantly about earth-friendly actions in any business activities.

  • The Tokyo Seimitsu Group is always comimitted to building a "future full of dreams."
  • With philosophy of creating the world's No. 1 products by integrating excellent technology, wisdom and information available in the world, Tokyo Seimitsu will work together with all stakeholders such as manufacturing customers and suppliers to realize sustainable society.
  • Tokyo Seimitsu Group provides education for the directors and employees on the Group Code of Conduct to improve and raise awareness.
  • We aim to create the world's No.1 products and continue to grow with our partners and customers by integrating the excellent wisdom and information available in the world.
  • Tokyo Seimitsu Group is committed to establishing and running a highly transparent management system and aims to achieve sustainable growth and increase corporate value in a medium- and long-term basis.
  • Information about Relationship with Stakeholder
  • We make all-out efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our entire value chain, including the life cycle of our products, achieve a sustainable society, and keep the global environment.
  • In publishing the CSR Report, we summarize our CSR efforts in line with the core themes of ISO 26000 and strive to improve these efforts and the report.
  • Companies of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group are shown below.

CSR Report 2019(PDF)

CSR Report 2019(PDF)

You can download the CSR Report (describing our environmental activities and social activities) in PDF format.

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