Tosei Engineering Corp.

Company Profile

Tosei Engineering Corp.
  • Date of establishment: April 15, 1969
  • Head office: 4-6 Higashinakanuki-machi, Tsuchiura-shi,Ibaraki
  • Representative: Katsushi Goto
  • Sales: 12,081 million yen (FY2020)
  • Employees: 584 (as of March 31, 2021)
    Note: Excludes our employees stationed to other companies; includes employees of other companies stationed at our companies.
  • Bases: 4 plants and 13 service bases in Japan, 3 plants and 10 bases overseas

Business Overview

Tosei Engineering Corp. was founded in 1969 as a Group company of Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd. to provide service for Tokyo Seimitsu products and to develop and manufacture equipment for automation and labor-saving in measurement. Since our founding, we have worked to accumulate technology and develop business through the provision of precision measuring instruments and services for these in the field of precision processing, under the concept of "No measurement, no manufacturing." In particular, we have specialized in the development and manufacture of automatic measuring instruments used on production lines for automobiles, bearings, home appliances, and electronic products. We have also entered the semiconductor manufacturing equipment field on the base of these precision technologies, and are now growing this business into one of our main divisions.

Since our founding, we have focused on providing proprietary technology and services under the motto "Customer First." We will continue working to become a one-of-a-kind company that can promptly meet customers' needs.

CSR Topics

Compliance and Communication of Internal Regulations

In order to remain a company trusted by all of our stakeholders, we are working to strengthen our corporate governance and compliance while ensuring the soundness and transparency of management. Through appropriate decision-making, we seek to achieve sustainable growth and increase our medium- and long-term corporate value.

We conduct e-learning-based education for all of our employees every year to thoroughly communicate internal rules and regulations, including the ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct. In fiscal year 2020, all targeted participants (100% participation rate) took part in education on the topics of information security, harassment, and media relations.

Continuous Practice of Small-group Activities

All of our employees maintain a high everyday awareness of issues and engage in voluntary improvement activities.

In recent years, our Niigata Plant has conducted small-group activities with participation by all employees, using small PDCA cycles to effectively make refinements under employee-proposed themes such as manufacturing process improvements, quality enhancement, and workplace environment improvements. All employees raise issues from the perspectives of worksites and users, and develop these into mechanisms for continuous improvement.

At the Kandatsu Plant, we actively engage in improvement activities that extend beyond workplace improvements to productivity and quality improvements and reduction of man-hours. By working as a team to solve problems in the workplace and advance the company, we also hone our practical capabilities. Small-group activities create more opportunities to demonstrate capabilities, an outcome which increases motivation, generates a sense of responsibility, and contributes to raising awareness of compliance across the company.

Continuous Improvement through an Integrated Management System

To contribute to the creation of a sustainable society and to deliver safe and reliable products to all of our customers, we are actively working to reduce our environmental impacts. In addition to promoting environmental conservation activities, we conduct continuous education for employees to further enhance product safety and quality. We obtained ISO 9001 certification in August 2003 and ISO 14001 certification in February 2020. Subsequently, we constructed an integrated management system for both certifications and acquired both in May 2020. Through continuous improvements, these certifications connect to the strengthening of our organizational capabilities.

Creation of Safe and Secure Workplace Environments

Every month, each of our operation sites holds a Safety and Health Committee meeting. The Safe Operation Subcommittee, Fire Prevention Subcommittee, Safe Driving Subcommittee, and Environmental Subcommittee each goes beyond compliance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act and related laws, and acts to ensure the safety and security of employees and to maintain and improve healthy and comfortable working environments.

At the Kandatsu Plant and Niigata Plant, we carry out monthly 5S3T Patrols to create comfortable working environments in which all employees can work safely. Every month, the plants appoint different patrol committee members so that improvements are actively proposed from new perspectives. The company as a whole is evolving toward more efficient workplaces.

The Nagoya Plant conducts safety patrols to raise the safety awareness of all employees, improve workplace environments, and contribute to achieving zero industrial accidents. Through initiatives that use safe work risk assessments to reduce risks, we conduct assessments of risks of hazard factors and enact essential safety measures based on risk reduction priorities.