Provision of Opportunities for Every Individual to Grow

By drawing out and enhancing the strengths and capabilities of employees through education and training, we help individuals feel personal growth and become motivated. Employees who feel a sense of fulfillment from work and leverage their abilities to the utmost are able to achieve self-actualization in the workplace, which connects to the performance of the company. Through this WIN-WIN relationship with employees, Tokyo Seimitsu's human resource development aims to achieve sustainable growth together.

Training Achievements

 ●Training achievements           Unit: Hours
Training Total
New employee training 1,290
Level-specific training for promoted persons (managers) 63
Level-specific training for promoted persons (section chiefs) 168
Level-specific training for promoted persons (assistant section chiefs) 210
Total 1,731

Tokyo Seimitsu has established a variety of training programs for employee skill development, incorporated into our human resource development system. We perform level-specific training conducted according to career level, common training for learning basic business skills, section-specific training for acquiring specialized knowledge matched to departments' work content, and other forms of training. We have also introduced an e-learning system and encourage active participation in external seminars. We offer a full line of programs for personal development, tailored to individual employees.

Due to the cancellation of some training and the shortening of new employee training as a COVID-19 pandemic countermeasure, total training course hours in fiscal year 2020 declined significantly from the previous year to 1,731 hours. For new employees, we used e-learning, personnel interviews, and other means to minimize the impact of the shortened training. We provided opportunities for training even under the COVID-19 pandemic, by means including moving our level-specific trainings online.

Initiatives for Personal Development

We encourage the use of correspondence education courses as a component of personal development, and pay 80% of training fees for employees who complete courses within the deadline. Course takers are increasing every year. As a result of strengthening awareness of the program, the number of courses taken increased 70% from the previous fiscal year. In fiscal year 2021, we will hold technical courses requested by engineers and courses on knowledge required at manufacturing sites to offer more opportunities than ever for personal development.

We also advocate personal development through e-learning. The number of such courses taken in fiscal year 2020 increased to 3.5 times the number in the previous year.

Award Systems

Tokyo Seimitsu has a variety of award systems for improving employees' motivation. Improvement Proposal Awards are given during the first morning assembly of April to commend outstanding proposals for ingenuity, invention, ideas, and improvement, including task improvements, quality and performance improvements, material cost reductions, safety and environmental improvements, and office work improvements.

Technical Awards recognize employees for technical achievements that contribute to improved business performance, to encourage success in technology development projects. Details of excellent projects are shared every year at the Development Success Story Meeting, attended by employees of companies' Technology Divisions.

In New Business Plan Proposal Awards aimed at the entire Tokyo Seimitsu groups, including overseas corporations, we commend outstanding ideas for new products likely to appear in the future, based on open-minded thinking about how future society will change.