Creation of Healthy Workplaces where People can Work with a Sense of Purpose

In order for people to make the most of their capabilities and work with a sense of purpose, we believe it is important for those people and their families to be physically and mentally healthy. We offer healthy lifestyle support for our employees and their families, and work to create comfortable workplaces by means including strict working hour management to avoid long working hours.

Healthy Company Declaration

Healthy Company Declaration

Employee health is a cornerstone of a company's longterm stable management. We have made efforts toward the health of our employees by means that include conducting health checkups. As a further company initiative to address health management, we issued a "healthy company declaration" to the Tokyo Federation of the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies, and in August 2020 received a silver certificate as an "Excellent Health Company."

We have set a target of health checkups by 100% of employees, determine monthly health themes (exercise, food, sleep, etc.), and carry out activities to publicize these within the company. In addition to health themes, we use our portal site and other means to post and publicize any health-related information received from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government or the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The cafeterias at the Hachioji Plant and Tsuchiura Plant offer a "Healthy Company Declaration Collaborative Menu" once a week. Diet is another area in which we consider the health of our employees, and health awareness is increasing among employees.

received a letter of appreciation
In May 2021, we received a letter of appreciation from Hideyuki Kobayashi, Chair of the Tokyo Kinzoku Jigyou Health Insurance Society.
 At the Hachioji Plant and Tsuchiura Plant, specified health guidance is available from health insurance society nurses during working hours. Our implementation rate for specified health guidance in fiscal year 2020 was 61.0%, far above the national average*5.
 We also respond to the health management survey conducted every year by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. While identifying issues, we will work to raise our level as a "healthy company" to achieve the next step.

*5The fiscal year 2019 specified health guidance implementation rate is given as 23.2% in the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's "2019 Medical Examinations on Specified Items/Specified Health Guidance Implementation Status."

Health Checkups and Stress Level Checks

Every year, we perform periodical health checkups, comprehensive medical examinations, gynecological checkups, and other procedures to check the health of employees. For persons with abnormal findings, we encourage repeat examinations and provide specified health guidance. Our examination rate for stress level checks, including employees at overseas posts or stationed outside the company, exceeds 99%. The checks have become established as an opportunity for employees to take note of their own mental condition.

We manage individual stress level check results in accordance with laws and regulations and provide feedback to the individuals, conduct organizational analysis and, after making report to the Risk Management Committee and the Safety and Health Committee, work to improve the workplace environment. Based on the results of stress level checks and other information, in fiscal year 2020 we encouraged managers to undergo e-learning related to mental health.

Initiatives to Address Infection Risk

In the past, employees individually sought influenza vaccination. From fiscal year 2019 at the Hachioji Plant and from fiscal year 2020 at the Tsuchiura Plant, we have made vaccination possible during working hours, including for Group company employees working at these operation sites. Over 600 employees were able to receive vaccinations as a result, an aid in preventing influenza.

From July 2021, we conducted COVID-19 vaccinations at successive workplaces in the Hachioji Plant, for Tokyo Seimitsu and Group company employees (including temporary employees) working at the plant. We are moving forward with plans to extend vaccinations beyond employees working at the Hachioji Plant.