Relationship with Customers

Lending a sincere ear to our customers and untiringly effecting improvements day by day, we support our customers' manufacturing through the supply of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and precision measuring instruments driven by state-of-the-art technology, and through full-fledged support. Doing so, we help to bring about a sustainable society.

Relationship with stakeholders Theme Initiatives/structures Main outcomes of activities
Value provision through products
Maintenance and improvement of product quality
Tokyo Seimitsu Quality Management System (QMS) QMS System Program (achievement rate: 71%)
Change control effectiveness ratio (target: 0.5% or less) Change control effectiveness ratio: 0.38%
Initiatives for customer satisfaction
Questionnaire-based survey
Number of responses, Semiconductor Company: 110% year-on-year
Introduction of NPS
Meticulous global support
Standardization of support quality Implementation of Global Service Meeting
Customer training Remote support project using smart glasses
Support tailored to customers
Four domestic centers Seminars and classes (including web-based)
Nine overseas showrooms
Provision of solutions
Consigned measurement
Overseas technical training

Basic Policy on Quality

As products provided by Tokyo Seimitsu are incorporated into production equipment, we consider outstanding quality as meaning the provision of stable and reliable product quality and prompt and meticulous support quality. We constantly strive to improve both of these aspects of quality.

Quality Policy

At both of our plants, Tokyo Seimitsu sets quality targets and conducts quality control in line with the quality policy set by our Quality Officer, and works to improve the quality of products and support.

Basic Philosophy


Quality Policy

  1. We comply with laws and regulations in products and production, and contribute to society by prioritizing on meeting customer requirements.
  2. At the beginning of every fiscal year, each Company reviews its quality targets (priority targets) for the previous year, and sets new quality targets for the new year to enhance product quality.
  3. We continuously improve the performance and effectiveness of our quality management system.
  4. We develop user-friendly products by establishing partnerships with users.
  5. We seek to improve quality through total quality control (TQC).
  6. We seek to improve quality through partnerships with subcontractors.
  7. We enhance customer support in business, technology and services.
  8. We incorporate safety, quality, and reliability in each production process to achieve stable supply.
  9. The quality management system applies to the activities, products, and services of Semiconductor and Metrology Companies.
  10. This quality policy is disclosed internally and externally.

Quality Control Initiatives

In 1994, we achieved ISO 9001*1 certification at both the Hachioji Plant and Tsuchiura Plant. Since then, we have built the Tokyo Seimitsu Quality Management System (QMS) with the ISO 9000 series at its center, and have worked to build safety, quality, and reliability into our product realization process and to improve quality through total quality control (TQC).

We engage in activities for the improvement and enhancement of quality and service, never forgetting our responsibility to protect and improve the social status and interests of our customers by steadily providing them with products and services of outstanding quality.

*1ISO 9001: An international standard concerning systems and mechanisms of management to achieve goals in response to the needs of an organization's customers and markets, through quality assurance for products and services.