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Equipment Business A Worldwide Semiconductor Business and Global Support Structure

Supply of maintenance parts to 30 countries
Supply of maintenance parts to 30 countries

In 2020, we supplied maintenance parts to 395 overseas customers and 295 domestic customers in 30 countries (including Japan). ACCRETECH Group companies at 47 sites in 13 countries provide support for equipment that operates around the world.

In the large country of China, where the growth of deliveries is particularly marked, we have service bases at 12 locations. In Shanghai and Shenzhen, we have a structure in place to respond to diverse customer requests, including support for training through observation of equipment and demonstration of processing and evaluation at Application Centers equipped with state-of-the-art demonstration equipment.

Training System for Young Engineers

Scene from 2019
Scene from 2019

The Semiconductor Company's Customer Engineering Department-Global Service Engineer (GSE) Group has been active since 2011 as departments performing education and support for overseas service engineers. Its members consist of personnel with overseas post experience and foreign engineers based in Japan.

They engage in support for customer requests and for equipment operation and troubleshooting, using web meeting, telephone calls, email, and other means of daily communication with overseas subsidiaries, engineers, and sales staff.

A feature of GSE's engineer education is a program called Global Training, which since 2014 has taken in young engineers from overseas as one-year trainees in Japan.

The purpose of the training is to deepen understanding of technology, quality, production, applications, and so on, to train engineers who can provide high-level support to customers after returning to their countries.

Trainees also make connections with members from the head office and go on to become promising engineers. A total 17 persons have undergone the training up until 2019. Every one of these remains active with the company at locations around the globe.

In fiscal year 2020, we were unable to hold the training because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Global Service Meeting (GSM)

The GSE has held the Global Service Meeting (GSM) every year since 2013. About 60 service engineer representatives from local subsidiaries gather at the Hachioji Plant for practical training using real equipment and to receive and share up-to-date information.

We have held the GSM eight times, creating relationships of trust between the head office and local subsidiaries through the exchanges.

Cooperation with local subsidiaries has become all the more important under the COVID-19 pandemic, during which we must maintain speedy and attentive responses to customers' requests.

This year's GSM will be held online. We believe that we can overcome the current difficult conditions up until the relationships that we have built up with local subsidiaries.

At the same time the GSM is held, we conduct skills checks for all engineers and perform and manage level certifications. By certifying work that can be performed by engineers according to their level, we provide customers with high work quality.

Engineer skills are classified into four ranks depending on the type of equipment. We create training manuals matched to each rank. Engineers who undergo the training and are recognized by superiors as having mastered the training rise to a higher rank, which leads to career advancement.

Scene from 2019
Scene from 2019

Training Services for Customers

Upon request, we conduct equipment operation and maintenance training for customers in-house or at work sites around the world. To meet the special requests that we often receive from customers, we flexibly adapt training content and prepare training manuals accordingly.

From early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has left us unable to use training methods from previous years, a situation that we expect will continue for some time. In line with this, we are launching a project team centered on young people in the Customer Engineering Department for transitioning to IT-based remote training that allows VR-based practical experience, even without the use of real equipment. In this way, we have begun concrete approaches to new ways of doing things.

New Remote Support Project

Tokyo Seimitsu's support

Due to the inability to engage face-to-face with customers under the COVID-19 pandemic, GSE took the lead in establishing the ACCT GLOBAL REMOTE SUPPORT (AGRS) Team.

As a part of this, we launched a remote support project using smart glasses*7, focused on young team members in Japan. The team is working to build a customer support structure, unaffected by the pandemic, for learning work methods, action principles, and so on through project management and administration.

*7Smart glasses: A wearable device that is worn like glasses and links with a computer or smartphone to display layers of digital information through the lenses.