A Support Structure Tailored to Customers

Precision Measuring Instrument Business
Support Activities that Create Customers' Futures through Precision Measuring Technology

Adopting the slogan "No measurement, no manufacturing," Tokyo Seimitsu's Precision Measuring Instrument Business sees providing society with precision and reliability, not merely selling measuring instrument, as the origin of manufacturing.

No manufacturing is possible without the process of measuring. We further believe that measuring accurately is an indispensable task in order for our customers to reliably provide products that earn the trust of society. Toward that end, we have established a structure to provide various forms of support.

A Support Structure Tailored to Customers

Initiatives by Metrology Centers

Tokyo Seimitsu has established four Metrology Centers in Tsuchiura, Hachioji, Nagoya, and Osaka to provide close support to our customers. Engineers with sufficient knowhow of measurement technologies and the operation of measuring instruments are stationed at the Centers to meet our customers' diverse needs.

<A Place for Learning about Tokyo Seimitsu's Products and Measurement: Technology>

We hold plant tours, product workshop, metrology seminars, and other events for dealers, universities and high schools, local companies, and customers who use our measuring instruments, to provide a place for learning where these parties can deepen their understanding of measurement technology and view a variety of product exhibits.

As another initiative, we also conduct web-based seminars to provide information to large numbers of people.

Number of times providing place for learning
 Purpose Number of
 Seminars and classes
(including web-based seminars)
measurement guidance at public institutions

<Proposal of Solutions: [Sincerity]>


To deepen WIN-WIN relationships with our customers, we go beyond responding to the requests of visiting guests to address their greater expectations, by offering services including solutions proposals and operation training.

For customers unable to come to us, we have readied a structure for responding remotely.

<Customer Support: [Reliability]>

We have set up a call center in the Metrology Centers to offer consultation on measurement, handling of measuring instruments, and troubleshooting support.

We analyze the content of inquiries for incorporation into operation manuals to facilitate easier use. We also regularly conduct measurement guidance at training schools and otherwise provide support to purchasers of our measuring instruments.

We even perform consigned measurement on behalf of customers who do not have required instruments, have instruments without needed features, or are otherwise unable to perform measurement on their own.

Activities in FY2020
 Details Number 
 Call Center responses 9,405
 Training sessions  194

<Initiatives for Customer Safety and Security>


Customers can directly visit our Metrology Centers and gain hands-on experience with measuring instruments and methods to deepen their understanding of Tokyo Seimitsu's measuring instruments.

For those unable to visit for reasons including travel restrictions under the COVID-19 pandemic, we offer support through remote demonstrations and web-based seminars, and make efforts to help customers understand our measuring instruments safely and with peace of mind.

Training of Engineers Overseas

In our global service departments, service engineers from different countries come together at the Metrology Center in the Tsuchiura Plant to undergo intensive training and drills. Given the difficulty of traveling to Japan, however, we create and provide video teaching materials to improve the skills of service engineers in those countries.