Corporate Governance

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group is working to build and operate a highly transparent management system, with the aim to achieving sustainable growth and the medium- and long-term enhancement of its corporate value.

  • Basic Policy on Corporate Governance
    The Tokyo Seimitsu Group makes its corporate philosophy "We create the world's No. 1 products and grow together to a higher level by integrating the excellent technology, wisdom, and information from around the world." By practicing this philosophy under the corporate brand "ACCRETECH" that expresses it in a single word, we aim to achieve sustainable growth and enhance our corporate value amid the advance of rapid technical innovation and economic globalization.
  • Basic Policy on Compliance
    We have prepared compliance-related structures, policies, and regulations that we make known to employees through education and training, always keeping the ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct in mind.
  • Basic Policy on Risk Management
    The Tokyo Seimitsu Group is committed to properly managing risks that could affect business continuity. The Group acts to prevent the manifestation of potential risks in our business, and responds to those that do manifest.