The Tokyo Seimitsu Group will comply with laws and social norms and will act with integrity and ethics to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders.

Toward that end, we have built a compliance management structure and have established compliance-related policies and regulations. We are working to make these well known through education and training, so that all officers and employees will maintain a mindset of serving as good corporate representatives and good citizens, and will act with sound judgment and high ethical standards.

To not only assess the status of compliance on a regular basis but also quickly discern compliance-related problems, we have established a whistleblower system that allows officers and employees to seek consultation and make reports upon discovering incidents related to compliance.

Compliance Management Structure

We have established a Compliance Committee to serve as the managing organization for the Tokyo Seimitsu Group's compliance initiatives.

The committee's members, mainly directors and executive officers, include officers in charge of production, engineering, personnel management, and Group companies. The Committee chairperson is the compliance supervision manager for the Tokyo Seimitsu Group and Tokyo Seimitsu. The directors of the Group companies who are committee members serve as the compliance supervision managers in their companies.

The compliance supervision manager appoints a compliance supervision administrator to promote compliance measures. The compliance supervision administrator has the duty of promoting measures and reporting operational status to the compliance supervision manager.

The Compliance Committee engages in reporting and deliberation concerning compliance measures and their implementation status, including revision of the ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct, enactment and revision of regulations, and planning for education and training related to compliance. In the event of violation of or potential conflict with laws and regulations, the committee promptly issues a report and discusses response measures and recurrence prevention measures.

In the previous fiscal year, the Compliance Committee functioned and operated satisfactorily as a venue for reporting and deliberation.

Compliance Education

In ensuring compliance, it is important to instill in all officers and employees an understanding of the laws and rules to be followed and an awareness that these must be observed. The Tokyo Seimitsu Group provides varied educational opportunities to enhance knowledge of compliance and to maintain and improve the level of compliance awareness.

Along with new employee training, training for managers, and other opportunities for level-specific training, the Company has introduced an e-learning-based training mechanism in Japan. The Company also strives to offer education according to business field and division, including education for compliance with relevant laws and regulations in industrial safety and health training at production sites, and education for compliance with laws and regulations related to quality and environmental management.

Through the Compliance Committee, we report regularly on educational plans and achievements related to compliance. In the previous fiscal year, we conducted education according to plan.

Whistleblower System

Since fiscal year 2006, we have established and operated a compliance consultation service that serves as a whistleblower system. We make this system known to domestic and overseas Group companies.
The compliance consultation service consists of the following internal and external contacts:

  1. Whistleblower contact points(Compliance Committee members)
  2. Personnel Counseling Department
  3. External lawyers
  4. External directors
  5. Director serving as an Audit and Supervisory Committee Member

We ensure the anonymity and protection of privacy of whistleblowers, and take care to prevent disadvantageous treatment of whistleblowers. The content and handling of whistleblower reports are reported and deliberated in Compliance Committee meetings.

In whistleblowing results in the previous fiscal year, there were no compliance-related issues that could affect the business activities of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group.

Initiatives for Compliance

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group has always endeavored to prevent corruption and bribery. In response to the recent strengthening of laws and regulations relating to prevention of bribery and corruption in various countries, in January 2020 the Tokyo Seimitsu Group announced its Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy that follows the provisions of the ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct.

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group will endeavor to comply with this policy to prevent bribery and corruption, and asks for the understanding and cooperation of our stakeholders in complying with the policy.

Compliance Status

In the previous fiscal year, evaluations conducted through internal and external audits found no illegal behavior (other than any already disclosed), legal violations, compliance violations, or other problems that could affect business activities, with regard to adequacy of financial reporting, product quality and environmental initiatives, handling of stakeholders inside and outside the Company, and other matters of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group.