ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct

In order to create a WIN-WIN relationship with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders and investors, suppliers, etc. and to achieve sustainable development in the long term, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group must conduct business activities and take actions that can be accepted by society .

The Group has adopted "the ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct" (herein after called the "Group Code of Conduct") to provide a set of guiding principles, such as compliance with laws and internal regulations, respect for human rights, fair and sincere business activities and ethical behavior, which are to be observed by all directors and employees to meet the highest ethical standards and transparency, and constructs the Compliance Management System to promote compliance.

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group provides education for the directors and employees on the Group Code of Conduct to improve and raise awareness. The Group also makes sincere efforts to obtain understanding and cooperation from all stakeholders in its compliance activities.

The Group Code of Conduct contains action guidelines on the following items

Code of Conduct