Accretech Powertro System Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

  • Date of establishment: October 1, 1999
  • Headquarters: 50 Osaku, Matsukawa, Furudono-machi, Ishikawa-gun, Fukushima
  • President: Seiichi Suzuki
  • Sales: 2,696 million yen (fiscal 2018)
  • Employees: 120 (as of March 31, 2019)
  • Operations: 5 in Japan, O overseas

Business Overview

Utilizing its technology in power supply, the company provides charge/discharge testing systems and commissioned service for evaluation of batteries that are essential in the research, development and manufacture of secondary batteries, capacitors and fuel cells.

Contribution to Development of Smart Energy Society

In the ever-evolving utilization of electrical energy, progress of power supply technology has helped humans to make their dreams come true.
A major challenge in utilizing electrical energy is to store the energy to make it possible to use it in the quantity needed whenever and wherever necessary. To overcome this challenge, efforts have been made to evolve secondary batteries in many ways. We will contribute to the development of smart energy society resulting from the evolution of secondary bat teries by providing our charge/discharge testing systems and commissioned battery evaluation service.