Stakeholder Engagement

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group believes that continuous, active, two-way communication with stakeholders is important in creating business value and social value while fulfilling our social responsibilities. By sharing information on real needs and issues through sincere communication with stakeholders, we seek to build strong and deep relationships of trust and grow together.

We will deepen WIN-WIN relationships with our many stakeholders as we work toward the enhancement of corporate value and contribution to the world.

Major stakeholders of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group

Major stakeholders of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group

Major means of communication with stakeholders

Stakeholder Major means of communication
Customers Implementation of customer satisfaction questionnaire (once a year)
Support from Sales Division/customer service departments (as needed)
Exhibitions/events (several times a year)
Metrology Center (seminars and workshops, private trade shows, etc.)
 (several times a year), etc.
Employees Labor management negotiations 
Information dissemination via company newsletter and intranet (as needed)
Whistleblower system (as needed), etc.
Shareholders Shareholders' Meeting (once a year) 
Business results briefing (four times a year) 
Issuance of shareholder newsletter (twice a year)
Briefings for individual investors (once a year)
Information dissemination via website, etc. (as needed)
Issuance of public relations information of the Tokyo Federation of
 Labor Standards Associations, Hachioji Branch (five times a year) and
 participation in seminars (as needed)
Special lectures for local students (every few years)
Submission of pollution control plan and activity report to Tsuchiura City
 (once a year)
Suppliers CSR questionnaire (once a year)
Support through procurement activities (as needed)
Participation in Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ)
Participation in ISO Technical Committee
Participation in the Japan Society for Precision Engineering
Japan Precision Measuring Instruments Manufacturers Association
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), etc.