How We See CSR

With philosophy of creating the world's No. 1 products by integrating excellent technology, wisdom and information available in the world, Tokyo Seimitsu will work together with all stakeholders such as manufacturing customers and suppliers to realize sustainable society



Corporate Philosophy

We create the world's No. 1 products and grow together to higher level by integrating excellent technology, wisdom and information available in the world.

How We See CSR

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group has contributed to enhancing the convenience of society and reducing environmental impact by providing precision measuring instruments that are indispensable for our manufacturing customers' highly effi cient production processes and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that helps produce electronic products in an energy- and resource-saving manner. This means that the measuring technologies and products that the Tokyo Seimitsu Group provides support manufacturing activities of customers and that end products produced through those activities support the entire society.
In order for us to continue to provide society with various values through our products, it is essential to grasp the needs of customers and society from a medium- and long-term perspective and collaborate with many suppliers who relate to our corporate philosophy.
We are determined to create new technologies based on the win-win relationships with stakeholders and support society through our manufacturing activities that improve the quality of life and preserve and enhance the environment. At the same time, we intend to enter new fi elds where we can provide security and safety by leveraging our technologies, thus contributing to the development of a sustainable society.
Also, in order to keep growing together with stakeholders, we ensure that human rights are respected in all processes of our business activity and evaluate our impact on the global environment. We strive to fulfi ll our social role in awareness of the responsibility that we bear. As part of these efforts, the CSR report portrays Tokyo Seimitsu as it is and is intended to promote various forms of communication with stakeholders.