Tokyo Seimitsu is a machinery manufacturer which also processes precision parts in-house. More than 99% of the energy consumed is the electrical energy of the production plants and a significant amount of water is also used in cutting and processing operations. Since the production of products processing semiconductors by using water is on the increase, we are making efforts to reduce the consumption of electric power and water.
Many paper drawings for parts processing and assembly are used due to a high number of mechanical parts in equipment and we are committed to reduction in paper purchase as a priority measure to cut resource consumption. We also strive to recycle as much as possible scrap metal and waste fluid from processing.

Efforts for Prevention of Global Warming

Most of CO2 emissions by Tokyo Seimitsu is conversion from electricity purchased for operating plants in Hachioji and Tsuchiura and our priority in implementing global warming prevention measures is to save power. By taking measures to improve power consumption efficiency, such as replacement of air-conditioners and compressors with energy-saving type equipment, balanced operation of such equipment, use of LED lights as lighting fixtures and installation of motion sensors, we have succeeded in reducing the power consumption per unit of production*1 over a medium term, despite the increase in production and expansion of plants.
Also, solar power generation was started in Hachioji Plant No.5 in fiscal 2015 and in Hachioji Plant No.6 in fiscal 2016. The total power generation amount in fiscal 2018 exceeded 450,000kWh. This is equivalent to annual reduction of more than 220t-CO2 in emissions. We are determined to continue our efforts to curb global warming through power-saving production and expansion of renewable energy usage. Hachioji Plant consumes approximately three times more electricity than Tsuchiura Plant and thus conducts every year thirdparty verification to verify these initiatives.

※1Consumption per unit of production: Power consumption (water consumption, paper usage)/ production by plant (in million yen) (electricity and resources used for production valued at 1 million yen)

Efforts for Resource Saving

Water consumption is increasing year by year due to rapid rise in production of semiconductor manufacturing equipment that uses water. Improving the recovery rate of pure water into filtration equipment and reusing temporary cooling water are being examined as reduction measures.
We have gradually been taking measures reduce paper usage, such as creating a database of in-house work manuals to switch to the use of tablets. As a result, the volume of purchased paper is steadily decreasing. We will continue our efforts for reduction.

Recycling of Wastes

We try to reduce the amount of wastes, for example, by using reusable plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes.
All of the wastes from Hachioji Plant are recycled including thermal recycling.