Tokyo Seimitsu's Policy on CSR

Driven by a corporate philosophy of "We create the world's No. 1 products and grow together to a higher level by integrating excellent technology, wisdom, and information from around the world," the Tokyo Seimitsu Group promotes collaboration with all stakeholders, including suppliers and the manufacturers that are our customers, and seeks to achieve a sustainable society.



Achievement of a Sustainable Society

Through precision measuring instrument that is indispensable in the high-efficiency product production processes of the manufacturers that are our customers, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment that contributes to the production of electrical appliances that help conserve energy and resources, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group has contributed to making society more convenient and to reducing environmental impacts.

This means that, through the measuring technologies and products that the Tokyo Seimitsu Group provides, we support customers' manufacturing activities and, through the finished products produced by these, support society as a whole.

In order for us to continue providing society with diverse value through our products, it is essential that we grasp the needs of our customers and society from a medium- and long-term perspective, and collaborate with the many suppliers who agree with Tokyo Seimitsu's corporate philosophy.

We will continue to create new technologies grounded in WIN-WIN relationships with our stakeholders and to support society through manufacturing activities that enhance quality of life while maintaining and improving the environment. At the same time, we will enter new fields in which we can leverage our technologies to provide safety and security, and will contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

To continue growing together with our stakeholders, we will assess impacts on the environment, respect for human rights, and other factors in all processes of our corporate activities, and, remaining aware of the responsibilities of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group, will strive to fulfill our role in society.

As a part of these efforts, we wish to openly disclose ourselves as we are through our CSR Report, and work toward varied forms of communication with our stakeholders.