ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct

In order to create WIN-WIN relationships with customers, shareholders, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders and to achieve long-term sustainable development together, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group must engage in actions that are accepted by society in the conduct of our business activities.

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group has established the ACCRETECH Group Code of Conduct (hereinafter "Group Code of Conduct"), covering compliance with laws and internal regulations, respect for human rights, fair and sincere business activities, ethical behavior, and other matters with which officers and employees must comply. We will maintain a transparent and proper corporate stance, construct a compliance management system, and promote compliance.

The Tokyo Seimitsu Group will educate and raise awareness among officers and employees with regard to compliance with the Group Code of Conduct, and will further strive to raise awareness of compliance with the code.

We will also work to gain the understanding and cooperation of related stakeholders with regard to the Group Code of Conduct.An overview of the action guidelines indicated by the Group Code of Conduct is as follows.