Tokyo Seimitsu’s Aspiration

 Looking forward, we will work with all stakeholders
to overcome challenges and create a sustainable future.


Gaging the future with Metrology,
Creating the future with Semiconductors



Tokyo Seimitsu is always committed to building a “future full of dreams.”


  • Growing together with partners and customers by collaborating technology, knowledge and information to create the world’s No. 1 products.
  • WIN–WIN relationships create the world’s No. 1 products!


We strive to create WIN-WIN relationships with all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, suppliers, employees, local communities, and the international community, and to play an active role in realizing a sustainable society and enhancing corporate value.


Corporate Brand

A fusion of “Accrete” and “Technology,”
signifying Grow Together

Progressing hand-in-hand with a diverse array of peoples, Tokyo Seimitsu prides itself on its ability to leverage technology, knowledge and information to create the world’s premier products. This unchanging philosophy is personified in our new corporate brand, ACCRETECH, which combines the words ACCRETE, meaning “to grow and fuse together” and TECHNOLOGY. We seek to gather global, cutting-edge technologies across organization, country and region, to overcome challenges and precipitate growth. We are confident that our new corporate structure, embodied by our metamorphosis into ACCRETECH, will drive development in the 21st century.

Symbol Mark

What Our Symbol Mark Represents


The high-speed rotating golden object represents resources (people, goods, money, and information) gathered from all over the world, and the high-speed jet stream emanating from the center of the object represents the way this power is condensed to bring cutting-edge, powerful products with clear targets to the market.