ACCRETECH Tokyo Seimitsu:
Evolving in the Moderm Era

Progressing hand-in-hand with a diverse array of peoples, Tokyo Seimitsu prides itself on its ability to leverage technology, knowledge and information to create the world's premier products. This unchanging philosophy is personified in our new corporate brand, ACCRETECH, which combines the words ACCRETE, meaning "to grow and fuse together" and TECHNOLOGY. We seek to gather global, cutting-edge technologies across organization, country and region, to overcome challenges and precipitate growth. We are confident that our new corporate structure, embodied by our metamorphosis into ACCRETECH, will drive development in the 21st century.

ACCRETECH Technologies In Society

We have been developing a wide range of precision measuring systems for over a half century based on the concept that nothing can be created without means of measurement.

No product will be released to the market before it is subject to the measurement processes in the design, manufacturing and inspection phases and thus checked for its safety, performance stability, environmental compatibility, and design quality.

Our measuring systems not only constitute the business basis of our company but also support the social infrastructures. We believe that our continued effort to provide high precision systems will support the ongoing requirements in the manufacturing industry: More safety, more convenience, and less environmental load.

The automotive industry is a major user of our measuring systems. The automotive manufactures have been addressing a challenging target - What must be done to manufacture high-performance and eco-friendly automotive products at a lower cost. Because of this background, we have picked up the automotive manufacturing process as the first topic for explaining how our products contribute to the industrial development.

The new laser dicing machine requires no ultrapure water, and the power consumption is no more than 1.92kWh. Furthermore, it achieves a substantially higher throughput than the conventional blade dicing machines, reducing the manufacturing time to almost one-fourth. Therefore, in terms of the power consumption per throughput, the laser dicing machine offers up to 85% energy saving in comparison with the blade dicing machines. If you count the power consumption required for creating ultrapure water, the resultant energy saving effect amounts to 90% in total. This will also contribute to the energy saving and cost reduction in cutting waste disposal.