Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Service Station Tokyo Office



  1. Car
    Approx. 10 minutes (3 km) from “Hachioji Exit” on the outbound line of the Chuo Expressway.
  2. JR Hachiko Line
    Approx. 3 minutes from "Kitahachioji" station of the JR Hachiko Line.
  3. JR Chuo Line,Bus
    North Exit of "Hino" station of the JR Chuo Line, by "Keio Bus" bounding for "Hachioji", then approx. 6 minutes from "Konika - Minolta" bus-stop.
  4. JR Chuo Line,Taxi
    Approx. 10 minutes (3 km) by taxi from "Toyoda" station of the JR Chuo Line.