Precision ACCRETECH Dicing Blades

With the diamond, the world-hardest substance, super-abrasive grit,we offer the cutting blade and solution that are high quality and cost cutting.

  • Cutting ability, cutting quality, and long blade life. Its stability and performance contribute to the long-running series for over 20 years.
  • It is the evolutionary version of the standard type in response to the needs of the ultra-thin blade MN type has realized the rigidity of more than 1.5 times succeeding the standard bond lineup and enables the high-speed cutting.
  • Resin blade series for glass, ceramics and other hard brittle materials released in 2017.
    It meets various needs with high cutting quality and long life.
  • Resin blade series for lead frame packages.
    Realizes high cost performance.
  • Realized the cutting of QFN package with metal blades. Cutting quality and performance stability proved by the PLC cutting. The standard bond series represented by a high sintering technology.
  • Ceramics cutting is now shifting from resin to metal. Our unique idea to soften the metal realized "unbending," "strong," and "fast" blade.
  • Leading metal blade series for glass cutting. Improved backside chipping and peeling enabled higher-speed cutting.
  • Higher speed and longer life. Hub type blade that can satisfy this simple demand with high dimension. Actual use of the blade will prove its genuine cutting quality.
  • Ultra-hard metal saw that does not allow burring on the edge through the cutting of the variety of metal substrate. It can be the total solution for cutting that can respond to the new demands.
  • Dressing plate that maintains the performance stability and cutting ability. Dressing under the optimized condition eliminates the clogging.

About Precision ACCRETECH Blade

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