With a newly developed small-sized highly rigid low vibration air spindle.
A maximum loading mass of 60 kg.
The highest NEX series model for eccentric and heavy workpieces.


A new model specifi cally designed to measure heavy workpieces with high accuracy while maintaining the high accuracy specs of the NEX series

The platform such as the base and air spindle structure was reviewed from zero in order to achieve a maximum loading mass of 60 kg while guaranteeing the high accuracy of the NEX series.

Class highest accuracy of (0.02 + 3.2 H/10000)μm

Roundness and cylindrical profi le measurement machines with the class highest accuracy to meet highly accurate measurement of machined parts.

Plays a dual role

It eliminates the need of having two separate machines for cylindrical form roundness and surface texture evaluations. By simply changing to the surface texture measurement detector, it can perform surface texture measurement in the axis, radial and rotational directions along the applicable axis at high accuracy per ISO/JIS requirements.

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