Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments

Table Rotating Type: CNC

  • Pursuit of perfection level as the fl agship machine High-end roundness measuring machine
  • On Track to Become No.1 in the World.
  • Optimum for measurement of large spindles and other applications requiring ultrahigh precision measurement.
  • Industry’s First High-Accuracy Air Bearings for Z-axis, R-axis.
    This is the CE Marked conformity goods which guarantee environmental resistance and safety with accuracy.
  • CNC Machine for Applicable to large and heavy workpieces Offers Superior Cost Performance.
  • High-Accuracy Roundness and Surface Texture Measurements
  • With a newly developed small-sized highly rigid low vibration air spindle. A maximum loading mass of 60 kg. The highest NEX series model for eccentric and heavy workpieces.
  • Top class high accuracy roundness cylindrical profi le measuring instrument

Table Rotating Type: Manual

Detector Rotating Type

Portable Roundness Measuring Instrument

Large-sized Roundness/Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instrument


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