Opt-scope CLW

Enlarge applying objects by extended measuring range and working distance.Portable Non-contact 3D Surface Profilometer which applicable to in-line/on-machine measurement


Wider range and longer working distance to measure various objects

Amazingly 40 mm for Z-direction measuring range, working distance.Suitable for “Non-contact” and “3D” measurement of a deep hole bottom, gear tooth surface, and surface profile of cylindrical workpiece inside without the danger of contact between measuring unit and workpieces.Overcoming weaknesses of conventional microscope.

Compact and lightweight design for easy carrying

Easy to carry by compact and lightweight design. (Measuring unit:4.5 kg) Best use to measure heavy or immovable workpiece as it is portable.

Great expandability applicable to in-line/on-machine measurement

Connectable driver unit to other machine by LAN, also measuring unit is attachable to processing machines. It contributes the needs of “labor-saving” and “streamlined process”

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