Coordinate Measuring Machines

  • Active scanning probe aktiv model with VAST XT gold comes standard
  • A global standard 3D coordinate measuring machine featuring high accuracy, high speed and high environmental resistance and supporting a variety of probe systems

Surface Texture and Contour Measuring Instruments

Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments

  • With a newly developed small-sized highly rigid low vibration air spindle. A maximum loading mass of 60 kg. The highest NEX series model for eccentric and heavy workpieces.

Optical Measuring Instruments

  • High precision, wide operating temperature range and compact sensor head.
    Non-contact displacement sensor using new light source and interferometry.
  • Non-contact, high resolution, and wide range.
    Non-contact 3D evaluation of workpieces in the whole surface with reduced time
  • Easy and accurate measurement with an excellent optical system, automatic lighting and focusing functions and touch display operation
  • Enlarge applying objects by extended measuring range and working distance.Portable Non-contact 3D Surface Profilometer which applicable to in-line/on-machine measurement

About Precision Measuring Instrument

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