Coordinate Measuring Machines

Carl Zeiss Series

  • The Flagship model of the PRISMO Series offering the world's highest level of accuracy.
  • High-speed CNC Coordinate measuring machine offering high accuracy in various environments.
  • Minimum footprint and largest measurement range in this class Sub-micron accuracy with high-speed scanning.
  • New Series enable measurement of Extra-large workpiece, with high speed, and applicable various Carl Zeiss scanning probes.
  • Worldwide standard of Coordinate measuring machine with brand-new specifications & design
  • Active scanning probe aktiv model with VAST XT gold comes standard
  • Designed as “Reference Measurement Machine” based on the technology of Carl Zeiss MAX series.
  • ACCRETECH proposes the advanced ZEISS technology for production line measurements on the production floor.
  • Very new style small CNC Coordinate measurement machine takes over the philosophy of high-end machine and enables 1/2 price of conventional machine.
  • Equipped rotary table with DuraMax.Compact sized Coordinate measuring machine which is perfect for measuring and evaluation of complex workpiece such as gears and turbine blades.
  • O-INSPECT is a multi-sensor measuring machine equipped with contact and non-contact type sensors.
  • MMZ Series with the world's top-class measurement accuracy.
  • High-Performance Coordinate Measuring Machines with Horizontal Arm Structure for Car Bodies and Sheet Metal.

XYZAX Series

  • Coordinate measuring machine that has accomplished internal evolution to further demonstrate its overwhelmingly high actual accuracy and active scanning technology
  • Full renewed design of our long-selling instruments, SVA series Newly improved performance model of high-precision coordinate measuring instrument.
  • An entry model Coordinate measuring instrument.It has a wide range of uses by improved accuracy.
  • Full renewed design of our long-selling instruments, RVF series Newly improved entry model of manual type, high-precision Coordinate measuring instrument.
  • High speed, high accuracy and high resistance to environment. A new global standard that leads the new age.

Data Processor System (Software)


  • Probes
    The only active scanning probe that the measuring force is controllable
  • Styluses
  • Non-contact sensor for CNC Coordinate measuring machines that has enabled high-speed measurement

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