Relationship with Society

We are committed not only to contributing to society though business activities but also to identifying the issues and needs of the individual areas through the dialogue with communities and driving social contribution activities for addressing those issues and needs in order to help create a sound, sustainable society as a corporate citizen.

Relationship with Local Communities

Activities in the Tsuchiura Area

Cooperation with the Local Government

Eco-partner Agreement

Tsuchiura City has the Tsuchiura Eco-partner program in place whereby the city government forms a close partnership with business operators to address the issues of global warming, energy, and waste and work together to create a low-carbon, recycling-based society with the goal of passing down a better environment to children of future generations. In support of this idea, we signed an agreement with the city government of Tsuchiura at the end of March 2016.

Tsuchiura City Government's Website
Eco-partner Agreement
Award for Being Accident Free for 25 Years

Tsuchiura Plant is a member of the Kandatsu District Industry Conference formed by companies in the Kandatsu industrial estate. At the regular plenary meeting held in fiscal 2015, Tsuchiura Plant received the "Zero Accident Award." The plant has maintained an excellent industrial health and safety environment without causing any accident for the past 25 years and earned immense praise for providing a safe work environment for employees.

Reception of the Zero Accident Award
Protection of Kasumigaura

In the neighborhood of Tsuchiura Plant, there is a famous sightseeing spot of Ibaraki Prefecture called Kasumigaura. To keep Kasumigaura clean and beautiful, Tsuchiura City asks neighboring companies to submit their pollution prevention plans. As a company operating in Tsuchiura City, we have also submitted our pollution prevention plan to the city government.

Collaboration with Local Companies

Local Cleanup Activities

Tsuchiura Plant participates in a monthly joint event with neighboring companies to clean Nakanuki Park. In addition, we engage in our own cleanup activity on a weekly basis. This activity started in 2006. Members of the General Affairs Dept. and the individual divisions clean the park every Monday (excluding the monthly cleanup).
These long-lasting activities have made Nakanuki Park much cleaner, which formerly had the roads around it cluttered with litter.
We will continue these and other activities to keep the park and its surrounding environment clean and help improve the manners of citizens.

Local Cleanup Activities

Activities in the Hachioji Area

Cooperation with the Local Government

Hachioji Labor Standards Association

The Hachioji Labor Standards Association serves as a facilitator for local business groups and conducts various activities under the guidance of the local government to ensure that labor standards are administered smoothly. Its purposes are to createa "safe, healthy, and comfortable work environment," to enhance the welfare of working people,
and contribute to the sound development of the industry. Staff members from ourcompany belong to the "General Affairs and Public Relations Committee" of this association and support its activities such as issuing a newsletter five times a year.

Hachioji Labor Standards Association Website
Participation in the Adopt-a-Road Program

Since 2004, Hachioji Plant has been involved in the Adopt-a- Road Program launched by Hachioji City. We have adopted a rotary road on the east side of JR Kita-Hachioji Station and are making efforts to keep the road clean by picking trash on a daily basis and taking care of plants on a regular basis. In addition to the regular cleanup we do during the lunch break, we weed the ground and prune the plants in the summer. In fiscal 2015, we did this activity three times.

Hachioji City Government Website (on the Adopt-a-Road Program)
Activity of the Adopt-a-Road Program

Relationship with Industry Groups

We not only mind our business alone but share our know-how and information with other industry groups to help the industry prosper further.

SEAJ (Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan)

SEAJ is engaged in a wide range of activities, from statistical surveys and researches on the industry's issues and new technologies to seminars, workshops, and promotion of standardization, to promote the sound development of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry and other related industries. Multiple employees of our company take part in this organization to contribute to the development of the semiconductor manufacturing equipment industry.

  • Safety and Support Committee:
    This committee holds workshops aimed at improving the quality of maintenance services and eliminate accidents involving service personnel. It also organizes workshops to provide the industry's safety guidelines and safety-related information and promote safety activities.
  • Semiconductor Research and Statistics Committee:
    This committee conducts statistical surveys on orders and sales every month. In addition to publishing parts of the results as press releases, it forecasts the demand for manufacturing equipment twice a year, issues press releases as needed, and holds market information seminars. Besides the above organizations, we participate in the Engineering Committee, Environmental Committee, Inspection Committee, Trade Committee, Service Committee, Board Meeting, and Steering Committee.

Japan Society for Precision Engineering

This organization has significantly contributed to the development of the industrial society and improvement of production technologies, and holds academic lectures, workshops, symposiums, and plant tours as well as issue journals. Our contribution to this society is huge as we have participated in its management, attended the Intellectual Nano Measurement Committee, and held various technical lecturers. In recognition of these efforts, the society gave us a letter of appreciation in 2013.

Japan Precision Measuring Instruments Association

The Japan Precision Measuring Instruments Association holds comprehensive trade shows related to measurement and metrology in general, promotes standardization to help improvement in technology and quality, and organizes joint workshops with other groups. Through these and other activities, it has significantly contributed to the promotion of Japan's precision measuring instrument industry. We actively participate in many of its working groups and committees as well as the management of trade shows, thus making enormous contribution to the development of the precision measuring instrument industry.
Our contribution to the industry includes our participation in the 3D Measurement Working Group. At MECT2015, a trade show of the industry held in 2015, we planned and organized a workshop on standards related to 3D inspectors such as JIS B 7440-8 (Acceptance and reverification tests for coordinate measuring systems (CMS) - CMMs with optical distance sensors).

Standards Workshop (MECT2015)