Stakeholder Engagement

We drive sustainable and powerful growth by establishing channels of communication with all stakeholders and deepening win-win relationships with them.

Interacting with various stakeholders makes our business activity possible. We have therefore placed emphasis on bidirectional communication with stakeholders in all processes of our business activity.
We believe that the true needs of stakeholders can be shared only through sincere communication. To this end, we consider it necessary to examine the business activity processes carefully and identify the impacts we might have on stakeholders and the responsibilities that we bear.
In order to keep growing with stakeholders, we intend to build deeper relationships of trust by repeating this examination process and broadening the channels of communication.

Our job is to provide customers with means to tackle new challenges when they strive to meet social needs. Developing technologies jointly with suppliers and customers, we have grown by building win-win relationships. These innovations have been supported by the abilities and passion of our employees as well. Needless to say, the understanding and support of shareholders, investors, and local communities have made investments in the development of new cutting-edge technologies possible. To remain a powerful partner that helps customers take on new challenges and continue to grow in closer collaboration with suppliers, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group intends to develop the employees' abilities further and deepen communication with each stakeholder.

Communication with Stakeholders