Relationships with Shareholders and Investors

We are committed to implementing transparent, proactive IR activities to ensure that investors gain a deeper understanding of Tokyo Seimitsu.

Stance on Information Disclosure to Shareholders and Investors

We make efforts to enhance transparency and build long-term relationships with our shareholders and investors by providing accurate information on our business results, financial situation, and business strategy in a timely, fair, and easy-to-understand manner.
Given the growing interest in ESG investment, which is expanding mainly in Europe, and the introduction of the Japanese version of stewardship code, we have decided to issue the "CSR Report" with the focus on the disclosure of non-financial information. Our future goal is to provide an "integrated report" that explains the relationship between financial information and non-financial information in an easy-tounderstand manner.

Proactive IR Activities

Shareholders' Meeting

In June every year, we hold a regular shareholders' meeting in Hachioji where our headquarters are located. To ensure that it is attended by as many shareholders as possible, we hold our meeting on a day outside the period during which many other companies hold their shareholders' meetings.
According to the articles of incorporation, the president chairs the shareholders' meeting and explains business results, the market status, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group's business strategy, earnings forecast, etc. We also have a session where we receive opinions and questions from shareholders, which enables direct communication between shareholders and management and allows shareholders to gain a deeper understanding of the Tokyo Seimitsu Group.

Information on
Shareholders' Meetings
June 21, 2016 (Tuesday)
10:00 - 10:50

  Number of attendees
2016 120
2015 142
2014 106
2013 123
2012 107

Shareholder Newsletter

We send a "shareholder newsletter" to shareholders twice a year to inform them of our business results, latest topics, and new products.

Business Results Briefing

We hold a business results briefing for institutional investors and security analysts on days around the dates of announcement of interim and full-year financial statements. At this briefing, the president explains the consolidated business results, outlook, the Tokyo Seimitsu Group's business strategy, etc.

Timely Disclosure Information of the Tokyo Stock Exchange

We disclose account settlements and other important information on our website and TDnet of the Tokyo Stock Exchange for all stakeholders to see. The information we disclose via TDnet can be viewed using the Timely Disclosure Information Browsing Service of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Group.

Other IR Activities

For institutional investors with whom we have difficulty in having
a direct dialogue, we accomplish communication using a teleconferencing system or other means to conduct IR activities on a broad basis both at home and abroad.
In December 2015, we participated in an IR forum for individual investors to develop deeper interactions with individual investors.

Tokyo Seimitsu Booth
Tokyo Seimitsu Seminar
On December 5, 2015 (Saturday),
160 people attended the seminar
and more than 300 people visited the booth.